Our developments for the agricultural sector were merged with the product line of Wilhelms GmbH in 2014.
See www.wilhelmsbest.com for products for potato, corn, soybean, and some other crops.

Order now for 2017, first shippings of the current production are in progress.
Our sales are limited, we about double every year
(numbers in equivalents of 1 ha corn inoculum doses: 2014 – 1000 ha, 2015 – 2000 ha, 2016 – 4000 ha)

About Mycorrhizal Fungi


Mycorrhizal fungi form symbioses with plants since more than 450 million years. Learn more about the mode of operation and the impact on plant growth.More

Your Benefits

Mycorrhizal fungi support the water and nutrient uptake of plants. Thus, they improve plant growth, increase crop yield and allow the reduction of fertilizer use.More

Our Products


Using specific formulations, our products are optimized for cultivation of maize and potato. However, the products can also be adopted to specific needs and other crops. More than  80% of all terrestrial plants establish arbuscular mycorrhiza.More

Why SYMYC Agri?

  • More than 15 years of experience in mycorrhiza research
  • Contamination-free production under sterile conditions
  • High effectiveness
  • Simple application at sowing

Optimized for Potato and Maize

  • High quality fungi
  • High concentration of fungal propagules
  • Efficient combination with additional microorganisms
  • Three package sizes available

Our promise

5-15% yield increase
By improving nutrient uptake, mycorrhizal fungi support plant growth, leading to yield increases.
10-25% fertilizer reduction
Acting as soil additives, mycorrhizal fungi can make you save conventional fertilizer and they improve soil biology and structure.
Improved drought resistance
Since mycorrhizal fungi support water uptake from the soil, they strengthen plants in drought periods. This is of high importance in times of increasingly extreme climate conditions.
Improved pest resistance
By strenghtening the roots, mycorrhiza fungi help to protect plants from pests and, thus, increase resistance.
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SYMYC offers mycorrhiza fungi for agricultural application.

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